LUSH Interview: 10 Questions with Ms. Lopes

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Ten Questions With…
Jane Lopes
Manager, LUSH Roscoe Village

A native of sunny California, Jane grew up virtually surrounded by the vineyards of the Bay Area and exposed to the culture of eating, drinking, and breathing wine earlier in life than many of the Lushies, which may help to explain her deep-seated passion for all things fermented. The moment she walked into the shop for an interview, decked out with electric orange, rubber robot earrings dangling beneath her flaming locks, we knew she was meant for LUSH. In the precious few moments when not running the show as manager and wine buyer at LUSH in Roscoe Village, Jane’s [also tall & redheaded] doppelganger can be found slangin’ classic cocktails at the Violet Hour one night each week. Ms. Jane has an ingrained knack for discerning obscure nuances and flavors, as well as a gift for creating amazingly quirky flavor combinations and innovative, classically inspired cocktail recipes. Like both Rachel and Erin, curiously enough, Jane is also a University of Chicago graduate, rounding out the three stores’ trifecta of innate, total geekiness. Word on the street is that she harbors a literary nerd deep within, and may or may not have been a notoriously clever Shakespeare scholar while in school. True to her alma mater, Jane will happily get down and dirty and all educational with you over whatever wine or spirit about which your little heart desires to learn. Read the rest of this entry »

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LUSH Interview: 10 Questions with Tatiana Abramova

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Ten Questions With…

Ms. Tatiana Abramova
Wine lover and collecter

Tatiana met the LUSH crew a couple of years ago while expanding her search for all things delicious in wine.  She brought her gregarious disposition, challenging opinions, and a few bottles of wine to share.  By day, Tatiana is a mild mannered, strict yet fun, Mary Poppinsish figure, shaping the lives of two little ones.  By night, Tatiana is dedicated to increasing the depth of her wine knowledge and prowess, exploring the best menus in Chicago, and finding the perfect bottles to stock her cellar.
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LUSH Interview: 10 Questions with Rachel Driver

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LUSH Interview
10 Questions with…

General Manager LUSH Wine and Spirits


Leading lady of LUSH Wine and Spirits, Rachel is thoroughly dedicated to being the ultimate wine geek. An integral component of the company since the inception, Rachel has made LUSH the fun, nerdy, enterprising place it is today. With a special place in her heart for dusty Italian reds, lush and stony Savennieres, and funky American microbrews, Rachel keeps the shelves of LUSH stocked with the best and brightest. Also a cultural anthropologist by training, a Ultimate Frisbee fanatic athlete, and eco-warrior, she is on a mission to research and taste all things fermented and share the love and knowledge with fellow wine lovers. As the GM of LUSH, Rachel is incessantly drinking wine, talking about drinking, encouraging others to drink, teaching about drinking, writing about drinking and eating adventures, drinking, tasting, researching, and talking about drinking. Beer and mixology are captivating subjects that Rachel likes to experiment with, but her true love is super weird, eclectic, traditional and yet innovative wines. Stop in to say ‘hi’ to her at LUSH on Roscoe, keep a look out for her spunky pup, Tucker, and anticipate a late summer debut at the newest, up and coming LUSH on Chicago Avenue.

This is gonna be long discussion, so sit down, grab a glass, and get comfy.

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On Favorites

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by Ms. Rachel Driver, LUSH Manager

So, as a good little Lush, and as a complete geek in life and in wine, I often blog hop and read what other people are thinking and writing about wine, beer, spirits, and food…and sometimes anthropology or other fun tangents.  And, I came across this quote in the Wine Enthusiast blog…

‘As a literature lover, I often bristle when asked to name my “favorite author” or “favorite book of all time.” While I have a clear and consistent idea of what constitutes solid writing, a good plot and interesting characters, I’ve found over the years that my taste for stories and tone is dynamic and certainly influenced by events and people in my life at that given time. While as a romantic teenager I devoured the poet Shelley and all of the breathless effusion he offered, today I turn to the worldliness of Miller, the caustic wit of Plath, the blunt magic of Marquez. And while sinking into a dense, head-bending session of Dostoyevsky makes perfect sense in the dead of winter, it’s not what I want in my hand when I’m kicking back on a beach in the tropics (think Marquez). I love them all, but to choose just one to encompass everything I was, am and might be, is pretty much impossible.’

‘Telling the Tale of the Soul…with Wine’

Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 5:31:57 PM
by Susan Kostrzewa Read the rest of this entry »

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My favorite things…today.

March 14, 2008 at 5:19 pm (Our Favorite Things) (, , )

I have to admit that I am crushing hard at the moment…

Coming off an entire week of grumpy, grumbling and gross weather and stress, this week has been a welcome change…as if a switch actually flipped. So, to celebrate my elevated mood and sunshine, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I am incredibly excited about at this very moment. And, yes, it will probably change in the very next moment, but right now is good for me.

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