LUSH: Back to Basics

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by Ms. Jessica Tessendorf

LUSH lingo leaving you a little bamboozled? Let’s get straight to the facts. An honest to
goodness list of everything your neighborhood LUSH can provide just for you.

1. FREE booze! If the lights are blinking, you’re drinking. 12-10, 7 days a week. Anything
we have opened is fair game.
2. FREE Scheduled tastings. 2-5 each and every Sunday afternoon. Check out the website
or call your local shop to see what the weekly theme is. Not a wine fan? 25% of our
scheduled tastings are either beer or spirits. We provide the topic, the booze, and some
tasting notes, you provide your face.
3. Personalized tastings. Pick a topic, or don’t. Have it blind, or not. Have some snacks
to pair, or drink your food. Set a date with Ms. Carrie ( at Roscoe Village, or Ms. Alica ( at West Town & University Village, get
some friends together, and have a more tailored tasting event.
4. Guidance to help find that perfect product.
5. About that product…. Not only does LUSH have a bevy of scrumptious wine, we
also carry small production beer, spirits, chocolates and other tasty morsels, cooking
goodness (olive oil, divine seasoned sea salt , BLIS maple syrup, etc), tea, wine odds and
ends (decanters, wine keys, stain remover, and wine preserver) and select non-alcoholic
6. What you can’t find elsewhere. At LUSH, we strive to provide our clients with small
production, artisanal, and boutique products. Think eclectic wines, eccentric spirits, and
rare brews; organics and biodynamics. If you can find it at a grocery store or any other
large liquor store, you won’t find it here. This isn’t snooty wine, it’s just “I’m rootin’
for the little/odd guy.” The LUSH staff hand selects and taste tests all of our products
(strenuous, emotionally taxing work, we know) to ensure deliciousness.
7. $10 carts! Seeing words like boutique and biodynamic (huh?) and getting a little
concerned? Don’t be. Rest assured, we have carts of white and red (with a few
select bubbles and pinks) at $10 or less. We have taken great strides to find the best
inexpensive wine on the market. Don’t be bashful, grab a few!
8. Grub. West Town location now, soon to be Roscoe Village. Ms Kelly is doin’ it up
right. Charcuterie, cheese, bar snacks, sandwiches fit to fill your belly, and seasonal
pasta plates that changes daily. Snag some booze from our retail side and make a meal
out of it.
9. Pairing. Whether you’re planning a dinner party or just need a bottle to go with tonight’s
spare ribs, let us help you find the perfect wine to pair with your food. Tell us about your
menu, we’ll tell you about our grape juice.
10. Patio series! Awesome food, even better wine, and a great outdoor space. Check out
the website for upcoming (seasonal) patio events at our University Village location and
make your reservation.
11. Special orders. Can’t find that rare, vintage Riesling, limited edition brew, or scarce
bourbon? Let us do the leg work. You make the request, we’ll (do our absolute best to)
make it happen.
12. Shipping. Want to send some Goose Island love to a friend in the Pacific Northwest?
Have an aunt who lives in the middle of nowhere? Need to send Christmas, birthday,
anniversary, or Hanukkah gifts to friends out of state? Let us ship for you. LUSH will
ensure that your booze-laden packages will get there safely, legally, and promptly.
13. Special events. Throw a party at your local LUSH for ANY occasion. Savor the large
and lovely space in West town, an intimate gathering in Roscoe Village, or a patio’s

delight in University Village. Let us provide scrumptious wine or beer (with tasting
notes, if you’d like) and whip up some delicious food. Whatever you can dream up.
Shoot Ms Cara, Special Events coordinator (, an email to
set up the perfect, private affair.
14. Gift wrapping. For free, silly. LUSH staff members are always happy to wrap up any
bottles for you. A little tissue paper, ribbon and a tag; we’ll save you the extra step.
15. Delivery. To the best of our abilities, LUSH will make local deliveries. Please call in
advance to schedule.
16. Exclusives. Ask Ms Rachel (, you’ll get the dish. Her
weekly email features a fabulous deal and/or a super rare selection, including wine,
spirits, and beer. This is by your request only, friend.
17. Club LUSH. Quarterly installments of extraordinary wines hand selected and packaged
just for you (or a lucky gift recipient!). Three different tiers to choose from, all with
different collections. Have it shipped, delivered, or pick it up at your local shop. If one
category doesn’t fit, bend our ear. We’ll do our best to create something that will.
18. Beer Club. Aka Club LUSH, BeerPointO. Keep your eyes, ears, and mouths open kids.
It’s coming soon!
19. Registries. Getting hitched or having a little one? Skip the blenders and onesies. Set up a
registry at your local shop and tell your friends. Tasty hooch will make you happier than
that waffle iron ever could.
20. School of LUSH. That’s right, school’s in session. Course material changes, check out
our website to see the class schedule. Anything with an ABV is fair game; wine (a grape,
region, or style), stickies, bourbon, sherry, scotch, sake, ANYTHING. LUSH professors
will write up some class notes, pick some delicious samplings from our shelves, and Ms
Kelly will knock out some snacks to pair. No diplomas, just delicious, delicious booze.

Come join us, neighbors. Bask in the glow of those blinking bulbs and let us LUSHes be the
boozy nerds in your life.

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