Clarification, Russian River Brewing

July 23, 2010 at 10:26 am (Beer) (, , , , , )

Somewhere out there in the wide world of swirling, whirling internet information, there is a nugget of information implying Russian River Brewing may be for sale in our shop.  Well, I wish.  Alas, not the case.

We DID host the RRB guys for a private event during the 2010 Craft Brewing Conference in April. The brewers did bring in delicious bottles to share! We sipped on some Pliny the Elder, Supplication, and Consecration.  And all was good and right in the world.  Very very tasty.  However, all was consumed and enjoyed by the guests. At our shop. At a private par-tay hosted by New Belgium Brewery for craft brewing companies.

So, we do NOT have Russian River Brewing Co. beer.  If they do pursue distribution in Illinois, we’ll be all over it in a second. For serious.

Good talk.  Next time…

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