LUSH: Staff Picks 2009, Veterans

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Get your GEEK on: LUSH Staff Picks – The Veterans
Our favorite wines of the year are a moment captured by a sip, a sigh, a wisp of pure delight…these wines are what we crave, what excites us right now. In an ever evolving world of imbibing, this is the snapshot of the best hits of 2009.

All day, every day, the Lushes have been searching and exploring…challenging our palates to expand as we try new grapes, regions, producers, and styles. We have discovered what we adore, what we LOVE and what do not care for. And, we discovered that our tastes have evolved, twisted, turned, and ended up in new places, the same places, and places we never imagined we would go. As a staff, we have a very eclectic, bizarre, and sometimes frightening taste in all things fermented.

Set to task, dedicated to choosing our very most favoritest wines, we set a very strict set of criteria…we want outrageous quality for the cash, of course, but we also require craft winemaking, juice that speaks of where it comes from and that inexplicable, intangible, expression of something extraordinary.Our staff picks of the year are titillating, intellectual stimulating, and definitely remarkable…unforgettable, even. So, we are memorializing our favorites of the year in this year end rewind.

THIS Sunday, the experienced Lushes, those with tenure and tenacity, holding on in the world of wine retail with gritted teeth, have chosen the best hits of 2009. Read on for our thoughtful, or even spontaneous, picks. (Next week, we’ll explore the picks of the newbies of Lush!)

Colyn: 2008 Clautiere Two Cocky Sisters Blend, Paso Robles, California
Damn, girl. This is all Mardi Gras and shit…with two large trannies in drag with some bedonkadonk and generous endowment gracing the label. Crazy and wrong…but so delicious. An undisclosed blend of Rhone varietals with some Bordeaux brothers thrown in, and perhaps even a white grape slipped in. Drink it and have fun, for serious. Peace, bro, I’m out.

Erin: 2007 Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone Blanc, Rhone Valley, France
As a big fan of Cosme, I was thrilled to meet and dine with the winemaker recently at Sepia…he brought some delicious surprises, but what shocked and excited me the most was the little, inexpensive white Cotes du Rhone. Traditional grapes, perfect balance, and a secret dash of Picpoul de Pinet (lip zinger!), and this baby is rockin’. Brilliant! Betcha can find it on my table or in my fridge.

Jane: 2005 Movia Sauvignon Blanc, Brda, Slovenia
I am obssessed with this wine…this winemaker. Ales Kristancic is the new Sean Thackery. Oh, my heart. Intellectually captivating, enthralling, even. Traditional, yet radically innovative, this juice is piercing and unsettling. Weird and utterly, undeniably, yummy. One of the coolest wines out there. I could smell it for hours, taking in the aromatics…and sharing a bottle with fellow geeks is super fun.

Kelly: 2007 Domaine Guiberteau Chenin Blanc, Saumur, Loire Valley, France
I heart Guiberteau! It is SUCH a weird freaking wine…in every way possible. Who knew Chenin Blanc could taste like that?! Well, obviously, Mister G did. Freaking delicious. Weird. Melts in my mouth. I kinda don’t want to share with you, but since I am so generous, I suppose just this once…

Kristin: 2007 Preys Fie Gris, Touraine, Loire Valley, France
If you’ve met me, you know I love Loire Valley wines a lot… A LOT. Often, I’m seen doing the cabbage patch or raising the roof chanting “Cab Franc and Chenin Blanc, Cab Franc and Chenin Blanc”, but my wine of the year drips from a different grape, the venerable Fie Gris! Jacky Preys 2007 Cuvee de Fie Gris astounded me right from the get-go and I think I’ve drank more bottles of it than anything else this year.

Rachel: 2007 Antica Terra Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Maggie, the winemaker, is spry and lively…with wild stories of her history working with Mr. Krankel, Sine Qua Non himself, and the tears and worry that went into this very wine. 2007 was a trying year, at best, for Oregon Pinot producers…everything went to shit with the rain and the yields were dramatically reduced. But, with a bit of magic, talent, and freaking balls, Maggie crafted an amazing, ephemeral, gorgeous wine. Striking. And, I am totally digging the label…with the soil composition and detailed drawing of the dirt! and the mountains. As an anthropologist, I am all in for this one, kids.

Loves, the Lushes

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  1. Ronald said,

    Si Senior Colyn, I would agree the 2 cocky sisters is the ummmm hmmmmm!!! It’s blend of 100% “Estate Grown” Rhone and Bordeaux varieties (Counouse, Syrah, Grenache, and small amounts of Viognier, Petite Verdot and Cab Franc) make this jewel and unique blend a super sized winner for the price.

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