Drinking at Work: Rodenbach Grand Cru

September 8, 2009 at 4:41 pm (Current Events, Our Favorite Things, What we're drinking) (, , , )

By, Colyn and the “Employee of the Year,” Kelly

It is important at any given shift at LUSH to imbibe in some delicious potables.  Colyn and I (or Kelly and I, depending on who is writing at any given moment) have a tradition of sharing a beer and enjoying Jim’s.  However, today Kelly is resisting the call of Jim’s sweet sweet hot dogs and only indulging in delicious beer.  Rodenbach Grand Cru to be exact.  Mmmm sour ales!  How wonderfully perfect on a Friday evening in fall, oops, it’s still August, but you know what we mean.  Pause for sip.  Colyn believes it smells like a track with a hint of gym shoe (in a good way, ie, not Colyn’s gym shoe).  Kelly (giving Colyn a sideways glance at that last comment) believes it has more of a stinky sour patch kid.  Yum, so tart and refreshing.  Actually, it’s really refreshing.  Probably one of few dark, oak aged beers that you can say that about.  We would love to write more and explain how it tastes in many details, but alas, there is work to do and the bottle is still full.  Come check it out for yourself, it’s well worth it, we promise.

Happy Friday everyone!  High Fives all around!


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