Random Snippets: Edition #1

August 12, 2009 at 9:23 am (What we are thinking, What we're drinking) (, , , , , , , , )

Get your WINE GEEK on:
Wine don’t hurt.  Flawed, corked, or infected with bacteria…bad wine will not physically harm you.  Wine is a natural, organic product that is absolutely prone to spoiling and damage.  Wine may be corked.  A bottle may have components that react poorly together in a disastrous chemical reaction.  Tetrahedral crystals may form and swirl through the bottle as snowflakes in a snow globe.  Now, a ‘flawed’ bottle may taste horrid or cause awful anguish, but, you’ll make it through. 
And, in the case of our very most favoritest winemakers that handcraft delicious juice, the wine is often unfined, unfiltered, and sees very little sulfur dosage.  Thus, those little floaties at the bottom of the bottle, the lees or dead yeast cells, bits of stem and skin, etc., are actually super good for you with B12 vitamins and nutrients and flavor boosting sediment.  Don’t be scared! 
Handmade wine may also taste ‘fresh’ or ‘tart’; it really is an eyepopping pleasure to try such beautiful juice.  These are the bottles that we lust after and chatter on about.  Crafting wine is intrinsically an agricultural endeavor…with a definite artistic slant.  Filtering, fining, racking and other ‘modern’,  ‘clean’ and ‘efficient’ processes strip wine of integral flavor components, yet create a fairly consistent flavor and a safe, predictable bottle of wine.  Stainless steel tanks are handy, easy to clean, and whip out ‘finished’ wine in no time flat.  Thus, the natural, organic side of winemaking is twisted into a profit-minded assembly line production of mass marketed commodities.  Tasty, eh?
Wine is quite surprisingly resilient and bounces back from mistreatment from excessive sloshing, wild temperature swings, or extremes in humidity (by shippers, grocery store or wine shop employees, restaurant kitchens, or you…yes, you, my friend).  Although, if a bottle boils in the back of your car during the summer, I wouldn’t imbibe unless you enjoy the flavor of ‘cooked’ or ‘stewed’ wine.  And, just DON’T boil your wine.  Be NICE.  Wine is an investment of sorts…either literally, as you are collecting (then you should know better), or figuratively, as in you are investing in a good time sharing wine and food and time with friends.  Wine likes to rest in dark, dank, and cool places.  Cellar temperature is approximately 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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