On Vacating

June 8, 2009 at 9:29 pm (French Wine, What we are eating, What we are thinking, What we're drinking) (, , , , )

I’m not good at vacation. I thrive on being productive, and vacation, by its very etymology, implies absence and departure…not, as I tend to practice, a continuation of self-imposed obligations and tasks. Having said that, I did manage to leave that all behind for moments on my recent sojourn to California. And, working at LUSH, I can consider cooking and drinking wine to be important work-related research projects, right? Right. Well, here’s one such research project.

On my last night in California, I cooked up jalapeno crab cakes. Served with some salsa and a simple salad, it was an easy, delicious meal. I got the recipe from Bon Apetit magazine. In the future, I think I would pair the crab cakes with, instead of salsa, perhaps a garlic and lemon aioli. Yumm…

And, then, the pairing: my options were limited to the bottles of wine I’ve periodically sent out to my parents. Most of their own stash, bless their hearts, is $5 Chardonnay from California (which, needless to say, is not my favorite). Rifling through their wine collection, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for: perhaps an oily, heavier white that still had freshness to it? Something that could stand up to the crab, but had the acidity to jive with the salsa…Le Cetto Chardonnay? Nah, too oaky. Te Aro Grenache? A red was not the right fit for this meal, even one as delicious as this. And then I saw it: the 2007 Laurent Miquel Nord Sud Viognier from the Languedoc. Perfect! A nice rich body, stone fruits, a hint of vanilla oak, but still very fresh and floral. Success!

A very productive evening…

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