LUSH Interview: 10 Questions with Lily D.

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 Ten Questions With…

Ms. Lynn Dakulous

Lush staff member, and soon to be Doctor of Medicine


BIO:  Ms. Lynn, wine-lover, snowboarder extraordinare, and soon to be fabulous medical student has been a LUSH for a little over 2 years.  Formally a manager of the great Spiaggia, her knowledge and love of wine has taken her on many adventures, most recently to Oregon.  The Wall Street Journal has also shown love to Ms. Lynn, honoring her wine and food pairing advice with an excerpt in a national article, alongside her very own pencil-sketched portrait  featured in their wine section!  While she will be leaving Lush to pursue becoming the most wonderful doctor ever, she will always have a place in our hearts, a stool at the bar, and a full glass at the ready.  She is one tough, sassy lush lady that will be dearly missed by local customers in the ‘hood, as well as her Lush friends!


INTERVIEW:  Thanks for agreeing to be a part of the Lush Wine & Spirits blog. Please answer the following questions in whatever way you see fit. We want your voice, personality, and opinions to come through!


1.  What is the best thing you’ve drank in the last week? What about in the last year?


Last weekend I had a Barbera at Bluebird that I was pretty fond of (sorry, as usual I can’t recall the winemaker).  It was light, a little dirty and delicious.  In the last year, that’s tough. I hate to steal Jane’s thunder but Sean Thackrey’s Pleiades is one of the most enjoyable wines I’ve had this year, and it  isn’t outrageously expensive.


2.  What do you think is the most underrated grape varietal or region? Overrated?

 Most overrated varietal – Pinot Noir from the States.  There are a number of great  Pinots so perhaps it isn’t “overrated”, but it is definitely over requested (especially in the under $20 category).  The most underrated? Torrontes.   I’m always happy when we have a good one in the shop and a customer is pleasantly surprised.


3.  Who are your favorite food and wine writers?

 Oops, I don’t read about food and wine unless it’s in some sort of reference text.


 4.  What are your three favorite food cities?

 Chicago, New York, and Boothbay Harbor because after every meal you get a  nap.


5.  Top three restaurants you revisit all the time in Chicago?

 Bluebird, Jerry’s, and Avec when I feel like leaving the neighborhood. 


6.  What is your most memorable dining or drinking experience?


Packaged Tillamook cheese, salami, an Italian loaf, Fish Eye Merlot (!) and Steinlager on a cliff overlooking the Pacific at Cape Blanco, Oregon.  It was  such a killer spread that we took a photo.


7.  Between wine, beer, and spirits – when do you reach for each? If you HAD to do without one, which would it be?


Beer is the best après ski beverage.  Or after running, work, etc……..actually I wouldn’t have    guessed it but I think I opt for beer the most.  Wine usually accompanies dinner, or hanging around the house (or the shop) with friends.  Spirits I can live without, but I do love a c-spaniel from time to time when I’m out at a bar or restaurant.  And  tequila is always a welcome partner to beer, or the pool, or Mexico, or life in general.


8.  What is the best thing about your job?

That’s easy – the lushes!


9.  If you had to describe yourself as a certain wine, what would it be? (i.e. Australian Shiraz – spicy, bold, and seductive. German Riesling – sometimes sweet (but hard to predict if it will be), elegant, and requiring of patience.


 Tannat! Because it’s good for your heart. 


10.  You’re on death row (sorry). What’s your final meal?

 I’m not so sure I’d feel like eating during my final hours, but I’ll play along. 

–  Sea-salted truffle fries with aioli and some bubbly – your pick

– Enormous thin crust pizza loaded with cheese, black olives, pepperoni and sausage.   

   French farmhouse ale to go with the pizza.

– Nuts on Clark cheese/caramel corn mix and ES Petite Sirah.

-Macaroons with pineapple bits mixed in and maybe some fresh pineapple chunks on  

  the side.  More bubbly.


I think that covers all of my favorite flavors.




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