Delighted, take 1.

May 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm (Current Events, Our Favorite Things, What we are thinking, What we're drinking) (, , , , , , , , , , )

by Ms. Rachel Driver, avid wine drinker

Yesterday, quite by good chance, as I was working on my day off, our Wine Cru rep Mateo brought by a winemaker to taste with me at LUSH on Roscoe.  And, it was SUCH a happy coincindence!  Now, don’t get too excited, as we have yet to actually have any other wine in the shop…but I will take special orders OR you can wait for it to sneak in next week.  BUT, this is the most excited I have been about discovering a new wine in quite some time.

In walked Carl, Mr. Sutton himself, wearing a t-shirt saying something along the lines of ‘Sutton Cellars’ put it in your mouth.  This was one cool dude.  I won’t gush too much about the wines, but he is making super tiny production REALLY handmade wine.  No kidding.  Very hard work, with very amazing results…native yeasts, no fining, no filtering…which means cloudy, full of color, gorgeous ruby reds with hints of magenta. And, on the palate, the wine is outrageously fresh, tart, and refreshing.  The packaging is simple and attractive brown paper stamped with a basketpress.  I want more.  I want it all.  So pretty.  So delicious.

Sutton Cellars Basketpress

Sutton Cellars Basketpress

Putting these wines in my mouth inspired me to write down all sorts of wild, random tasting notes…root beer and anise on the Bennett Valley Syrah, heather, lavender and mulberry with freshly cracked black and pink peppercorns on the Carignane…stanky old leather, dusty leaves and smashed black fruit encrusted nuts for the Solera Zinfandel/Syrah non-vintage blend.  The Vino Generoso Zinfandel Port was begging for dark chocolate or a really damn good cigar, and I don’t smoke.  The Pinot Noir was kinda like the epitome of Pinot Noir…or the Platonian ideal that lives in my head.  Ahhh, yum.

Check out his own words on his very own website…


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