Things I heart, take 3

March 27, 2009 at 1:46 pm (Our Favorite Things, What we are thinking, What we're drinking) (, , , , , , , , , )

by:  yes I am still “Employee of the Year,” Kelly

Yay, spring has sprung and that is a cause for celebration!  What do I want to grab to celebrate but the ever delicious 2005 Quita de Cabriz Bruto of course.  Let’s just get something out in the open, I really heart Portuguese wine.  We carry quite a few at LUSH which means I have had the chance to try quite a few.  Usually they are made with grapes indigenous to Portugal, so you will rarely find a Cab, Merlot, Chard blah blah blah but rather find grapes like Maria Gomes, Baga, Bical rah rah rah.  In fact, I believe that they grow over 500 different varietals, so the possibility of trying something I have never tried before is endless!

With all that being said, I do love to grab a bottle of the Quinta de Cabriz Bruto becuase, well, it’s delicious.  Made from a blend of Malvasia Fina and Bical, this sparkling is super refreshing while having a really nice balance to it.  Lots of citrus notes without being too acidic.  Yay for celebrating spring with this sparkling wine!


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