Ode to Lance

February 25, 2009 at 10:39 am (Current Events, What we are thinking) (, , )

Our fearless leader of Lush Halsted, gasp!, has packed the truck and moved back to the ranch in Texas. Before you become too alarmed, he will be in touch and be a lush for life. Lance and his fiance, Elizabeth, are heading to warmer shores, the land of pickup trucks, high school football, and belt buckles the size of my head. We are, ‘tear’, heartbroken…good thing we have a glass of wine and beer ready to go. Read on for the staff shout outs to the man…send your own toast to Lance by commenting on this post.

[Well bro, you are certainly leaving me in the trenches. I will, as of Friday, be the sole male employee at Lush, at which time I’m sure the girls will want to paint my nails, do my hair, and give me a make-over. Then I’ll be wishing for the good old days when I could talk football, beer, belt buckles and the glory of Arnold Schwarzenegger. For serious though, it has been awesome to work with you, and I wish you and Elizabeth the best in your adventures in the land of bigger things. – Colyn]

[“Lance and Erin: A typical day”

ERIN: [Breezes through the front door, sweaty and wheeling in her bike] Hey, Lance, how’s it going?
LANCE: [Already at the computer, coffee mug in hand] Oh just fiddly fantastic. I had these sausage balls last night that were slap your mama good. Did I ever tell you about Texas?
ERIN: Um, yeah. Oh! Guess what? I was thinking for the event …. [trails off into a silence, distracted by the new copy of Time Out Chicago resting on the bar]
LANCE: [Stares and waits for the rest of the thought. Gives up after fifteen seconds of silence on Erin’s part.] Be right back. Gotta go warm up my coffee.

LANCE walks, mug in hand, to reheat his coffee for the third time that shift. It is only 1:15 PM.

ERIN: Lance! Did you know that beer is awesome?!
LANCE: [Unintelligible from the back room].
Lance, you rock, plain and simple. Thank you for all the humor, warmth, swooping, and guidance. You have been a magnificent coworker, and a wonderful friend, to boot. All the best in Texas and beyond. – Erin]

[a haiku:
A Texan flower:
Left his home to travel north.
Homeward bound, we mourn. – Jane]

[Good luck back in the Lone Star State, you will be missed here…and as they say, “catch you on the flip side. – ‘Employee of the Year’ Kelly]

[Lance, everytime I worked with you, I was inspired and amazed by your energy and passion for wine and the local lovers of wine. He is a patient teacher and the epitome of what a Lush should be. – Kristin]

[Lance, even though we didn’t get to work together often, you will be missed dearly! I know our University Village customers share this sentiment. Have a safe trip home and have a blast starting your new life with Elizabeth! – Lils]

[L, to echo your sentiments on the day I met you…you are very very emphatically ‘awesome!’ I thoroughly enjoyed our lush dynamic and will miss your smoov moves and realistic feedback. Thank you for the 4am nights packing up shipments for our corporate gift program, wild dashes across downtown with glasses and cases of wine in tow…most especially, thank you for taking such good care of Tucker and sharing Jip, lending an ear and advice, and learning how to curl ribbons all pretty! I toast to you, good sir. Be well, drink well, and be good to your lovely lady, Ms. E. – Rachel]


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  1. George said,


    I’ll miss you. Every time I taste a great Bourbon, I’ll think of you and all the time and passion you put into helping me select a very special Bourbon.


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