LUSH Interview: 10 Questions with Adam Seger

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10 Questions with…


Nacional 27

Mixologist, Sommelier, and General Manger

325 West Huron
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 664-2727


Notorious on the Chicago scene as a wild brandisher of swords, a thrower of fullly adorned Christmas trees, and the instigator behind many feasts comprised of the ultimate pairing of vintage Champagne and fried chicken, Adam Seger is a mover and shaker (of cocktails). At Nacional 27, Mr. Seger approaches mixology and wine pairing as a chef, focused on the elements of each cocktail playing in tandem with each ingredient to create a culinary-mixology fusion, seamlessly intertwining components of the bar and the kitchen. If you care for accolades and achievements, Mr. Seger is also a Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) and has passed the Advanced Exam of the Court of Master Sommeliers. No surprise that he tinkers in the kitchen to hand-craft custom liqueurs and uses primarily boutique, authentic, hard to track down spirits…he has a serious ingredient obsession. He makes his own maraschino cherries! Mr. Seger is dabbling in boldness of flavor that is deftly balanced and elegant to boot, while wowing the palate.


Thanks for agreeing to be a part of the Lush Wine & Spirits blog. Please answer the following questions in whatever way you see fit. We want your voice, personality, and opinions to come through!

1) What is the best thing you’ve drank in the last week? What about in the last year?

Last week:
Ginger-hibiscus-cardamom infusion on the rocks with lime Perrier.

Last year:
Champagne Villemart & Fils Couer de Cuvee 1992 from a sabered magnum.

2) What do you think is the most underrated grape varietal or region? Overrated?

Underrated – Mexico, especially Baja, Valle de Guadelupe

Overrated – Napa Valley (not including mountain AVA’s).

3) Who are your favorite food and wine writers?

Mike Nagrant, Jancis Robinson
4) What are your three favorite food cities?

New Orleans, Chicago, Paris
5) Top three restaurants you revisit all the time in Chicago?

Shui Wah, Chinatown

6) What is your most memorable dining or drinking experience?

Every New Years Day drinking Champagne all day with great friends.
7) Between wine, beer, and spirits – when do you reach for each? If you HAD to do without one, which would it be?

Wine with dinner, beer when seeking refreshment or after drinking wine all day, spirits in cocktails. If I had to, no straight spirits.

8). What is the best thing about your job?

Getting paid to entertain people and eating and drinking very well.
9) If you had to describe yourself as a certain wine, what would it be? (i.e. Australian Shiraz – spicy, bold, and seductive. German Riesling – sometimes sweet (but hard to predict if it will be), elegant, and requiring of patience.)

Character Sherry, it says it all.

10) You’re on death row (sorry). What’s your final meal?

Athelier in Paris with an Amex Black.



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