The bestest beer morning ever.

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So a couple weeks back, the Lush ladies Erin, Jane, and myself took a little fieldtrip.  Our morning outing began at ‘A Perfect Cup’ coffee shop…we collected ourselves, got our perk on, and headed up to the brand spanking newest brewery, METROPOLITAN Brewing.

Metropolitan Brewing

Metropolitan Brewing

Yay!  Chicago could use more craft brewing.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some of the other local options, but more can’t be bad.  Especially when the focus at Metro is LAGER!  This type of brewing takes serious dedication and investment of time, engery, and cash.  But, hoowee damn, do I love an exceptional lager.  Tracy and Doug are rockin’ it out over there…solid business plan, phenomenal branding artwork, and great product.  Not to mention that they built this entire project from scratch.  We heart you!

Nestled in the super secret brewing headquarters, at 5121 North Ravenswood, we ran into the staff of Windy City, the brewers, Mitch, and a handful of Chicago beer folk…I believe Sheffield’s was represented, but I was too focused on the shiny new tanks, the gianormous walk-in, the beautifully arched ceilings, and the toolbox kegerator.  Awesome.  Doug has brewed some delicious lager, by the way.  The FlyWheel is a ‘bright’ lager, whatever that means, besides tasty, of course.  Lots of clean citrus notes, definitely German flair, and a nice hint of yeasty, crusty bread.   The Dynamo, a copper lager, although still in tank and lack carbonation, had a lovely hop profile and a dynamic, engaging earthy note on the finish.  So, to wrap in a very concise manner, drink Metro when you are thirsty.

The schtick at Metropolitan is the to embody all the moving, working, integrated parts of the machine and the city.  Pretty cool concept.  I could go on, but they are really good at explaining it, so ask them.

Find them on tap in Chicago as of NOW.  Lager weather, right?!  The teensy bottling line should start cranking not too far down the road.  And, by then, seasonal brews should be flowing, too.  As soon as you can buy ’em, we’ll let ya know.

Okay, enough about morning beers…after we drank our fill, er, I mean sampled each brew…the ladies and I headed straight to Hot Doug’s. Or, rather, we stopped at Lush to pickup a big beer, Ommegang 3 Philosophers, and then went straight to Hot Doug’s.  It was damn cold.  There was a line.  We are tough broads, though, and fifteen windy, chilly Chicago minutes outside is nothing.  Brrr.  But, hot damn, the wait was worth it.  Oh, P.S., this was my first trip to the sausage mecca of the world…or at least, my world.

Jane, Erin, and I discussed at length our ordering strategy…we each ordered a different sausage combination and then passed, inhaled, passed, inhaled, etc.  There may have been some slurping, sipping, and gobbling of duck fat fries in between.  And good conversation.  But, the meat was front and center.  Mmmm.  The protein of the day was ‘rattlesnake’.  I am adventurous, but for my first visit, I went for the special board instead and passed on the snake.  I ate this:   Smoked Applewurst Sausage with Lime-Ancho Mayonnaise and Cotija Cheese. Yum.  Jane had some sort of Portuguese Smoked Pork Sausage with Saffron infused sauce and a crazy white cheese.  Erin had the Spicy Pork Sausage which had great toppings, too, but I have spaced on the exact offering.  LOVED them all.  Kinda crave it every day.

Then I went to work.  It was 3pm.  Kelly covered…she IS the employee of the year.  That girl is good.

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