Things I heart, take 2

February 4, 2009 at 9:49 am (Beer, Our Favorite Things) (, , , )

by: Employee of the Year, Kelly

Allagash is a great brewery out in Portland, Maine that was founded by Rob Tod back in the early 90s. It began as a one-man operation when the great Mr. Tod noticed a lack of Belgium-styled beer within the American market. He built a 15 barrel brewhouse and used that to brew traditional styles of Belgium beers and sold it’s first batch in 1995. Since then, they have grown and become one of the “industry’s most distinguished and well-respected brands” of Belgium-styled beer (according to their website – and after tasting their grand cru, I can see why).

We opened the Grand Cru for our “Superbowl Sunday Tasting” yesterday and I was thrilled that this was included. I had been dying to try it, but hadn’t got around to it. It was exactly what I expected, in the best way possible. It poured a golden hue and had a great nose of a sweet spice. It was nice and smooth, a little malty and almost a little citrusy, but nothing overpowering. Great spices on it. This is their winter seasonal brew, and it defiantly would warm you up inside although for a brief moment I envisioned the nice spring air and me sitting on my porch concrete stairs with a glass of this in hand soaking up the sun. Then I looked outside and remembered where I was. Oh well, either way, this is a fantastic beer and one of the many things that I heart.

Come get it before it’s gone! Lush Wine and Spirits on Roscoe, 2232 w. Roscoe, Chicago


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