I mead some lovin’, honey

January 11, 2009 at 8:16 pm (What we're drinking) (, )

by Ms. Lynn

Feeling amorous? No? Maybe you need some inspiration, what with V-day fast approaching and all.

Ugh, Valentine’s Day. I’m sorry, but it’s gross – I prefer it when people slobber all over each other in their homes, not next to me at a restaurant. Anyway, returning to the point…

If you’re feeling a little empty and cold this season, you might just need a kick start from the inside. Take this opportunity to opt for something less intense than your usual winter spirit of choice. How about mead?

Mead, or honey wine, is a delicate libation created from honey and water fermented with yeast. It is argued to be the first alcoholic beverage brewed by man and celebrated as the drink of the Gods. This “ambrosia” is even said to bring happiness and fertility to a marriage (how romantic), if ingested on the appropriate schedule (not romantic). But you needn’t be married to enjoy it. In fact, Chicago’s own Wild Blossom Winery produces local mead that is bound to impress your old standard or your new fling. You can find their Nau-T-Gal and Nau-T-Guy Sweet Desire Mead displayed proudly on the bar here at Lush.

While these bottles are fun to look at and to handle – both are appropriate (albeit somewhat ideal) representations of the male and female figure – the stuff on the inside is what makes them special. Wild Blossom ferments their mead in bourbon barrels for at least 12 months, adding a touch of rich vanilla, oak and spice to the natural honey flavor. This makes it all the more appropriate for heating things up with a loved one. Flying solo? Sweet Desire mead is equally fitting for a relaxing night on the couch.

If mead as-is doesn’t do it for you, try mixing two parts mead with one part bourbon, pour over ice and add a fresh lemon slice. Substituting the lemon with a little muddled ginger would add some fire and make this an even more perfect drink for the lover’s holiday. Deelish!

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