Missing Thanksgiving Dinner Already?

December 8, 2008 at 6:40 am (Our Favorite Things, What we are eating) (, , , )

I know I am. I’ve been meaning to mention my favorite diner on our blog for a long while, and there seems like no better time to talk about delicious, homemade, American cuisine than shortly after the greatest delicious, homecooked, American cuisine day in the history of ever. Whether your goal is to train your body to eat even more for next year’s Thanksgiving, cure your hangover, or just have some delicious comfort food, this place will deliver.

It’s called “The Depot, American Diner” and it’s tucked away in a little neighborhood called “The Island” on the West Side (5840 W Roosevelt Rd). My Folks live a few blocks west in Oak Park, which makes it a convienient place for breakfast when I’m at home.

I started going there with a neighbor of ours, who I was working for at the time and knew the owners. He told me some friends of his were opening a diner on Roosevelt, east of Austin. Knowing that area, I was more than a little skeptical about this place, but I was informed that the owner, Robert Nava, was a professional chef who did consulting work for high end hotels around the country, and always wanted to open a classic, New York style, American diner. We stopped in for breakfast before work on their opening day and were greeted by a bright, clean, but still greasy spoon atmosphere accented by Muddy Waters in the background.

I don’t want to give away too much about the place, because I feel that my descriptions wouldn’t do it justice, but I will suggest to those of you on the prowl for a new diner, do yourself a “friggin’ service” (thanks SNL) and pay The Depot a visit.

Top recommendations: coffee, blue plate specials (they’re amazing everyday but look out for chicken-fried anything), open-face turkey, the soups, oh and STAY FOR DESSERT!


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