SINE QUA NON: The Aftermath

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LUSH has been coveting SQN for quite some time, as our owner is entirely too fond to Manfred Krankel’s creations. Mr. Lush himself has unlocked his personal cellar and the Lush wine basement for your enjoyment. This will certainly be a once in a lushtime event, as these bottles range back to 1999 and each available bottle will either be cracked open or available for purchase.

SQN Vertical!


Each of the SQN bottlings, as you may be aware, are one offs, never to be repeated. Krankel creates the wine from extraordinary vineyard sources and only selects the most beautiful fruit before playing the brilliant winemaker and concocting phenomenal wines. Each bottle is robed in Krankel’s own original artwork. At this very moment, I believe that the number of bottles produced is so very small that there are several waiting list for the waiting list for the members only shipment list. Then, the resale market on these babies is outrageous, with most of the wine floating about out there sold or traded after the initial release. LUSH is extremely lucky to receive an allocation, although very meager, of SQN each release. We treasure these gems.

Sine Qua Non lineup


Sine Qua Non Straw Man '01

Manfred Krankl never makes the same wine twice. He changes vineyard sources and varietal composition with each bottling. He gives the wines colorful names, such as Queen of Spades (his debut under the Sine Qua Non label), Twisted & Bent or Imposter McCoy. He puts them in heavy, irregularly shaped bottles and adorns them with distinctive labels featuring his own artwork. And, he only makes wine in small batches, creating a mythical, cult phenomenon. While Sine Qua Non currently sells wine to about 565 clients on its mailing list, the waiting list is now three times that long and steadily growing. Sine Qua Non, through its shrewd marketing, limited-production releases and unique cuvees, has become almost like Pokemon trading cards for adults. Even the name is intriguing: Translated from the Latin, Sine Qua Non means “something indispensable.” High quality, high prices and high prestige. If Krankl is crazy, he’s crazy like a fox.

Jane loves knives!

Erin likes bread and knives!

Mitch loves cured duck breast


Fireside on the Lush patio   

SQN ladies

SQN dinner guests

Mr. Dennis Delamata

Yummy cheese!

Delicious cheese

Crusty bread!




2000 Launois Special Club Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs (3 bottles)

2004 Rejuvenator
2005 Petition

RED 1: Pinot Noir
2003 Omega
2004 Covert Fingers
2005 Over and Out

RED 2: Grenache
2004 Into the Dark
2005 Atlantis Fe2o3 1a

RED 3: Syrah #1
2002 Just for the Love of it
2005 Atlantis Fe2o3 1b

RED 4: Syrah #2
2003 Papa
2004 Poker Face

2001 Straw Man

All of the above, and, we also have small quantities of wine from 1999 forward…including Boots! I am still so very excited.

SQN Straw Man 2001, late harvest

SQN Straw Man

LUSHES: Erin, Rachel, Jane, Lance, and Kelly

LUSHES...Erin, Rachel, Kelly, Jane, and Lance




  1. Rick DeGolia said,

    Love your blog. I have all of those wines in the flight, except the campagne.. I don’t really do champagne, but would love to see the reviews from the tasting and, if you are anywhere near me (Bay Area) would love to participate in the future. Grew up in Santa Ynez, live in Palo Alto area and make wine at Martin Ray’s old facility on Mt. Eden ridge.

    Thanks, Rick

  2. Face Poker said,

    I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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