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On the 20th of this month, my good friends — my godparents, really — are getting married in California. Up until recently, the fact that they are both men has prevented them from being able to do so. Needless to say, this is a very special occasion for them, and all their friends and family. As a wedding gift, my parents are sponsoring a dinner for twenty in their home, and I insisted on shipping a case of wine.

The dinner will consist of a green salad, poached salmon, beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce, and wild rice with cranberries and pistachios. Simple, yet under the care of Chef Ed (one of the men getting married), undoubtedly delicious. With such a variety of dishes, trying to get exact pairings might be hard; instead, I’ve chosen a selection that I think will go well, but more importantly, they are all wines that I am excited about. They will (hopefully) push people’s palates and minds a bit: weird grapes, obscure regions, uncommon methods of production. They will showcase just what I love about wine.  

Since I’ve graduated school, the question “what are you doing now?” is unavoidable (and completely understandable) when socializing with adult friends who I don’t see very often. “I work at a wine store” is technically accurate, although it doesn’t quite convey what I do. Most people hear that, and think that I am just killing time, taking it easy, until I go off to grad school. But this job, and wine in general, has become something important to me. And, in a situation like this wedding, I will be able to answer “what are you doing now?” not just by telling them, but by actually sharing what I do.  

“For the toast, you have three options. The first is a sparkler from a tiny region in Savoie, France called Bugey Cerdon. It is demi-sec made from the gamay grape (what Beaujolais is made with), so it is partly sweet, but is so refreshing and light that even people who don’t drink sweet wine love this wine. The second is a sparkling Verdejo from Rueda, Spain. Citrusy, creamy, and floral. Leave it in your glass for 10 minutes and you have an awesome still wine. It looses its bubbles super fast, but is charming either way. And the third is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from Bordeaux. This is the typical white blend in the region — the Sauvignon Blanc contributes good acidity and brightness, and the Semillon rounds it out a bit. It is less common to see it sparkling, but it works really well. All three are delicious. You can’t go wrong.”

You want to know what I do? That is what I do.

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  1. Alcohol Posts » Sharing What I Do said,

    […] Jane wrote a fantastic post today on “Sharing What I Do”Here’s ONLY a quick extract“I work at a wine store” is technically accurate, although it doesn’t quite convey what I do. Most people hear that, and think that I am just killing time, taking it easy, until I go off to grad school. But this job, and wine in general … […]

  2. Douglas Trapasso said,

    Dear Jane:

    Those sound like excellent choices! I am sure your wine selections will fit perfectly with the dinner. Best wishes to your friends!

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