What I am drinking…right NOW.

August 14, 2008 at 3:49 am (Beer, Our Favorite Things, What we're drinking)

Right now, that would be the Rogue Hazlenut Brown Ale. Wow. Perfect way to finish off my evening…watching the Olympics, chilling with the pup, and drinking a full bodied, sweet and nutty brown. Ah.

I also have a bottle of the new vintage, 2006, D’Arenber ‘Derelict’ Grenache from Australia. These kids found an old, derelict vineyard full of ancient, crochety vines. Thus followed a bit of pampering, coaxing, and convincing to produce a bit of fruit and juice to fit in a few bottles…and let me tell you, yum. Berries and spice and minerals, as well as that ‘old vine’ earthy taste that is just ethereal and tasty. The 2006 is already drinking beautifully, which is a bit surpising since I always except this bottle to be shy upon opening. The 2005 is rocking it out, too. Try one.

The newest, most exciting wine to hit the shelves at Lush has been the Dirler Pinot Noir Cepage…a WHITE Pinot Noir from Alsace, France. Holy crap. This made me stop, put down the glass, pick it up and sniff some more, and then taste again…then dump it into a real Pinot glass and repeat. Delicious. Weird. This is my kind of wine.

On another subject, my dear friends gifted me a certificate to visit ‘Foodstuffs’ in Evanston. I had no idea what the shop was until I walked in and wanted to plunk down and camp out. Spendy, yes, but super delicious treats all around in a tiny, boxy store. I’ve been munching through extremely fresh and uber ripe organic blackberrys, freaking awesome tomatoes on the vine, sugar peas, fresh mozzarella, and day old bread. We also picked up tomato/basil chicken sausages that were quite nice on the Lush Halsted patio with beer.

Beer. Wine. And food.

Oh, wait, I forgot the liquor…I just picked up the Square One Cucumber Vodka…organic rye and cucumbers from Iowa, distilled in Idaho. Fresh and fun, and vodka. But, TimeOut beat me to the punch. Grab this before the long summer days and lovely weather dwindle! Play with some cocktail ideas, too.

Good talk.

Cin cin,



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