Vive la France!

July 10, 2008 at 8:08 pm (Uncategorized)

We at Lush like the quirkier holidays. Join us this weekend for a three-day-long Bastille Day festival. Here’s the lineup:

Friday 11 juillet
French cider, beer, and sparkling wines to kick off the festivities and heighten the mood at our Roscoe and Halsted locations. Getting artsy at the Chicago Arts District’s Second Friday Art Walk? Head a few blocks north on Halsted afterward and get boozy on the UV patio with your favorite Francophile Lushes.

Saturday 12 juillet
Think pink! French rosé is all the rage. Come see what it’s all about at both shops, and taste the most refreshing, versatile, food-friendly wine out there.

Sunday 13 juillet
The peasant uprising! Who needs aristocratic Bordeaux and Burgundy when the unsung heroes of Languedoc, Rhone, Cotes Catalanes, and Loire are the true heart and soul of French winemaking? Celebrate the Third Estate; come storm LUSH and nosh on homemade crepes, only five bucks apiece. Extended hours for celebrating: 2-7 PM.

Baguettes will be on hand all weekend. Berets are, of course, encouraged.

A bientot!


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