Dinners with Lush: A Summer Patio Series

July 9, 2008 at 7:05 pm (Special Events) (, , )



Please mark your calendars and tell your friends…

The Lush in University Village has a rocking patio that is just itching to be used every single day.  And, what better way to utilize the short Chicago summer than to sip away the afternoon and EAT!  The Lushies have been whipping up a full summer of food and wine events, so please join us for a lovely evening…or jump in on them all!

PATIO EVENTS: LUSH, 1257 South Halsted, Chicago, IL 60607

Each event is open to 25 people.  Groups are welcome and encouraged.  Reservations are required.  We expect to serve 4 courses and pour you 2-4 glasses of wine.  The cost will flucuate between $50-100 depending upon the event.  More details to come.  The cost is non-refundable. 

Call 312.738.1900 to reserve a seat.  You may also reach us by email at lance@lushwineandspirits.com, rachel@lushwineandspirits.com, or erin@lushwineandspirits.com.  EAT, DRINK, be MERRY and CELEBRATE with us!




*Saturday, August 16th: BBQ ribs, corn, slaw, salad, potato salad watermelon and ZIN/Rosé, $50


*Saturday, August 23rd: Maryland Blue Crab Boil, corn, white wines


*Sunday, September 14th: Oysters


*Saturday, September 20th: PAX vertical and Pig


*Friday, September 26th: SQN vertical wine tasting


*Saturday, September 27th: Fried Chicken and Vintage Champagne






  1. Sarah said,

    What’s up with your website. Where did it go?
    I have tried to go to your http://www.lushwineandspirits.com site and there is nothing, nada, zilch!
    What’s up guys? I once found the site quite informative, now I find it blank.
    What’s the deal? Problems in paradise?

  2. Sarah said,

    By the way it is not 2:48am it is 9:50pm and I am just finishing a bottle of Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon, how come this page thinks it is 2:48am – come now, I am not that big a drunk to be awake online at 3 in the morning. FIX your shit!

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