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July 8, 2008 at 3:03 pm (BYOB, Our Favorite Things, What we're drinking) (, , , )

Last night, I took my friend Jesse to Treat for her birthday. I had heard good things about this Humboldt Park BYOB and wanted to give it a try. I looked at the menu online to try and decide what wine to bring, and I was a bit stumped. The cuisine is very eclectic — “Modern American” might be a good start, but there are huge Mediterranean and Indian influences as well. Various chutneys, masala, curries, cous cous, harrissa, and yogurt sauces dot the menu, making it one of the most interesting and disparate I’ve seen in a while, and perhaps one of the hardest to pair with wine.

I ended up going with the Moletto Prosecco rosé and the Jaume Mesquida Callet from Mallorca, Spain. I figured the rosé would be a nice way to start off the meal and a good wine to go back to at the end too, as it is slightly sweet. The Callet (an indigenous grape to Mallorca) is fairly light in body, very smooth, with enough fruit flavors and spice to stand up to the boldness of some of the dishes. Plus, Jesse tends to like reds with little to no tannin, good fruit and spice, so I figured it would be a hit even if it didn’t go perfectly with the dishes.

To put it up front: Treat is awesome. This place may be one of my new favorite BYOBs. We sat outside, in their closed in patio, which is was just lovely. Our waitress was super friendly and casual, and got us a bucket with ice for the rosé immediately. They just have tumblers for the wine, which ended up working just fine for the light and fruity wines that I brought.

I started with the lamb meatballs, served with a cucumber-tomato salad, and Jesse had a Mexican-style tortilla soup. Both were delicious, and the rosé ended up being a decent accompaniment to both. I then had the linguine with fresh fennel, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic, herb oil, and parmesan. It was great — pretty light, with perfectly season vegetables and a whole lot of cheese. Jesse got the curried gnocchi with spinach, gingered raisins, mint, and roasted fennel. Yumm. The Callet worked really well too, and I would definitely recommend a light and flavorful red to go with many of their dishes. We finished with a curry chocolate ganache, which worked well with the red wine as well.

With all this, plus tax, tip, and corkage, the meal was less than $60 for the both of us. I will definitely be returning to Treat.

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