Beers for surly girls [and boys].

July 2, 2008 at 5:16 pm (Beer, Our Favorite Things, What we're drinking) (, , , , )

One of my nicknames–misapplied, I argue, but it stuck–is “Surly”. And sure, it’s kind of cute, and maybe I secretly don’t mind it all that much. That being said, I was tickled pink at the novelty of the name when Surly Brewing’s glorious releases first hit the Chicago market some time last year. Imagine my pleasure when I tried the brews and found out that Surly, imported from the Twin Cities, makes some darn good beer!

The culmination of all this excitement [as excited as a supposedly surly person can get, anyway!] happened today, when I got a call from the head honcho of Lush. You heard it here first, dear reader: Lush on Halsted is going to have Surly’s Bender, a self-described “brown ale/porter/apa” on tap, for purchase in a growler, meant for immediate consumption on our new outside patio. Tomorrow. I dare you to wait to get it home.

So if you catch me with a growler full of the brown stuff sitting outside at Lush, go ahead and say “Hey, Surly!” I promise I’ll smile. And lift my glass.

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