BYOB: Mado

June 13, 2008 at 5:54 pm (BYOB, What we're drinking) (, , )

I guarantee that every staff member at Lush knew I would choose Mado as my BYOB of choice for this post.  Why not?  It’s brand new, it’s fantastically cool and it’s a five-minute walk from my door.  When those factors combine, the chances of me making it a regular haunt reach high levels.

Opened in April by a husband and wife team of chef/owners, Madois designed to be a haven of simple, unadorned dishes (often of a pan-Mediterranean influence) made with fresh and locally grown ingredients.  The birth of the restaurant was beautifully covered by Lush friend Michael Nagrant in this article for  Because the menu is flexible and likely to change between visits, I recommend bringing wines that have a wide range of pairing potential.

1) Charles de Fere Blanc de BlancsReserve – $10:  Who doesn’t love to start out their meal with a little bit of bubbly?  Perusing the menu, starting the conversation and waiting for your appetizers are always better over a few flutes.  This budget sparkler is crisp, fruity, and balanced enough to please sparkle enthusiasts and novices alike.

2) Domaine le Grands Bois “Cuvee les Trios Soeurs” Rose – $13.25: Stop the rose racism!  This delicious, fruity pink is a perfect wine to cap off a long, sunny summer day.  A traditional Cote du Rhone blend, the wine balances fresh acidity with rich fruit flavors and aromas, perfect for getting white wine drinkers to try some darker hues.  Rose is famous for it’s ability to go with different kinds of dishes, and this wine will work with everything from Mado’s fresh sunchokes to their succulent roast chicken.

3) Twisted Oak Torcido- $32.25:  What a freaky little wine.  Made from old, gnarly Grenache vines in Vallecito, CA, this wine will make you put on a mask and cape and add “Rhone Ranger” to your business card.  Spice and raspberry make up a magnificent nose, and the mouthfeel has a knock-your-socks-off intensity.  If the skirt steak and Gorgonzola polenta are on the menu tonight, you’re in luck.


1647 N. Milwaukee – 773.342.2340


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