Brown is the new clear.

March 29, 2008 at 6:18 pm (Our Favorite Things, Special Events, What we're drinking) (, , , )

My favorite hophead recently used the phrase “brown studies” and I took it to mean a connoisseurship of the good things in life that happen to be that color: you know, like beer and whiskey. Turns out I was wrong, and it actually refers to that sort of mopey daydreaming we’re all inclined to, especially coming off a hard winter such as we have had here in Chicago.

I still like my version better (although the two are not always mutually exclusive), especially given that 1) it’s nearly April, which is better than March, and 2) April means Whisky Fest! Unfortunately, most of us will not have the pleasure of entry to the sold-out event itself–but before your liver wipes its brow in relief, take note that the Fest is surrounded on either side by a week’s worth of outrageously exciting opportunities to indulge in the brown.

Whiskey Week begins next Monday, and unless you’ve been living under some kind of teetotaler rock, you’ll know that all Chicago is agog with excitement. Start hydrating now, folks. It’s whiskey time. Now, lest my friends think I have abandoned my other true love, don’t worry: I am gearing up for Death’s Door-and-tonics and summertime as much as the next guy. But a girl can’t help but get a little excited by the prospects of all this stellar whiskey!

Thursday, April 3rd, we’ll be hosting in-store tastings at both LUSH locations, so stop in to visit with Julian van Winkle and Drew Kulsveen, and then head over to The Twisted Spoke, for its Legends of Bourbon party. You can expect all us Lushes there in full force. I’ll be the one drinking the whiskey.

I am happy to see that the reign of terror that clear spirits* have held over the land is nearing an end. My favorite quote from last year comes from Eric Asimov, of New York Times fame; in a luminous article on martinis last year, he quotes Aubrey Saunders of New York’s Pegu Club, who rails against “a generation lobotomized by vodka”, referencing the American preference at the end of the last millennium for all things clear, tasteless, and alcoholic. But it’s 2008 now: time to forget the nineties, and dust off those old books. Brown studies are back.

Posted by Erin

*except gin, of course, which never attained the frou-frou cocktail status of vodka


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