Welcome to the neighborhood!

March 28, 2008 at 6:51 pm (What we're drinking) (, , , )

With the Chicago winter slowly but surely releasing its grip on our city, the sidewalks in front of our University Village store see more traffic now than they have for months.  With those crowds come new faces, and many of our shoppers recently are new neighbors and first-time Lushes.  This is always exciting for me, because that is exactly how I found Lush myself, having moved into Roscoe Village at around the same time our second store did. 

So, to all of our new neighbors, I would like to officially welcome you all to the ‘hood, and here’s to plenty of good conversation and fine wine in the years to come!

Speaking of new neighbors, this past weekend one of my best friends in the world moved to the Chicago suburbs from Michigan!  Corey and I have known each other for years and were roommates in college, so having him close by is incredibly exciting.  Unfortunately, I was busy with a private tasting and couldn’t help him unload his moving truck (so sad), so I had to make it up to him by picking a great bottle of wine as a housingwarming gift.

The trouble with this plan is I have NO idea what kind of wine Corey likes.  I know he likes great beers and enjoyed the bottles we shared in the past (mostly Cote du Rhone, because that’s what I tend to drink) but other than that I really don’t know what to get him?  So what did I do?  I bought him a bottle I know his girlfriend will like.

Corey mentioned months ago that Jesse likes Pinot Noir, so I had that much going for me.  Late last fall, we did an all Pinot Noir class that featured some fantastic wines (Grand Cru Chambolle-Musigny, single vineyard Willamette Valley, etc) and by far the most purchased bottle of the evening was an underdog Pinot from Central Coast, California.

Jack Creek Cellarsis a small, intimate winery that produces big, big Pinot Noir.  Located in the Santa Lucia Mountains, their vineyards are at a latitude often considered too far south to grow such a quick-ripening grape.  The Kruse family has stumbled upon a great micro-climate that caters excellently to Pinot Noir, however, and serve as a testament that great wine can often grow in surprising locations.

While Jack Creek makes an excellent regular estate Pinot, I opted to give Corey and Jesse a bottle of the 2005 Estate Pinot Noir Reserve as an extra treat.  Inky and bold, this is not a Pinot Noir for tie-wearing Burghounds.  I love how this wine balances its richness with Pinot elegance, giving the wine dorks something to ponder while remaining accessible to the average sipper.  Hopefully Corey and Jesse both like it.

 Either way, welcome to the neighborhood!

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  1. Meg said,

    People from Michigan rock.

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