My favorite things…today.

March 14, 2008 at 5:19 pm (Our Favorite Things) (, , )

I have to admit that I am crushing hard at the moment…

Coming off an entire week of grumpy, grumbling and gross weather and stress, this week has been a welcome change…as if a switch actually flipped. So, to celebrate my elevated mood and sunshine, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I am incredibly excited about at this very moment. And, yes, it will probably change in the very next moment, but right now is good for me.

Wine Library TV, ~ Gary Vanderchuck is that funny little wine guy over at the Wine Library that hosts a great wine video blog with bad lighting. He has access to wines that will blow your mind, but speaks simply and eloquently about how to taste as well as what each glass tastes like. Good kid. Good entertainment…and you might learn something.

SCHWA,, 1466 N. Ashland, Chicago ~ WOW. Shout out to Michael Carlson for freaking amazing food. He thinks of food like I think about wine…it is a delicious medium to play with. But, this guy is brilliant and passionate, and the entire Schwa experience is yum yum yum. The entire team here are alternately the chef, server, hostess, and busboy. They play with proteins in a really weird, eccentric way and keep everything seasonal and super fresh. Did I mention the BYOB part?! Love it.

MoJo Spa,, 1468 N. Milwaukee ~ I am not a primping, pampering girl, but seriously, Yum! Amanda makes ALL the products by hand from FOOD. Pumpkin, sugar, edible plants…all into the soap, scrubs, and lotions. And, my very favorite part is that she bakes real food daily and gives it to clients, just because. And George is super sweet, chatty, and very relevant. May I suggest that you go for a bit of a treat…freshen up those feet for flipflops…and take a bit of LUSH wine with you.

Thank you for humoring me! Good times…all of these things can be enjoyed with glass in hand, a bottle nearby, and with fun friends.

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