LUSH gets literary!

March 7, 2008 at 9:02 pm (Uncategorized)

LUSH is very excited to be on the up and up with all the cool kids that are blog savvy. Welcome to our take on the virtual world…we needed one more outlet to really feel fulfilled in our dedication to drinking wine, talking about wine, making friends drink wine with us, and talking about wine some more.

Humorous, casual, yet educational, this blog will be a more informal forum to discuss our Lushie love all things delicious. Follow the Lush staff through culinary and beverage exploits and discoveries, random trivia, and learn what we get so very excited about each day! Hopefully you will become more intimately acquainted with each of our unique and quirky passions. We are a diverse group of beer, wine, and spirit enthusiasts with eccentric tastes and a job that lets us play a bit with what we drink. Our palates vary, and we do not often all agree on what is makes ‘good’ wine, but the resulting discourse is incredibly education and always fun. Join in our conversation!

Grab a glass, pull up a comfy chair, and sip on the good stuff. Cheers!

Posted by Rachel


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